best record players under $100

The best turntables under $100.Listen close, audiophiles, because our list is about to make vinyl snobs the world over groan a warning: how are you going to find the best turntable under 100?

While it’s true that a better quality record player is essential for playing your most precious LPs, you can definitely get away with cheaper builds when it comes to starting a collection that you don’t mind getting a little worn through use. It’s still important to note that the needles and belts of lower-end models may not always be up to snuff when it comes to playing superior vinyl with true sound and stability.

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If you can stretch your budget a little more, you can find turntables that won’t break your bank or your vinyl records  Best Turntables Under $300. However, when you’re eager to get the warm tone and subtle snap of a vinyl experience but can’t splash out the big bucks for a high-end turntable, it’s fine to buy a budget model.

Just be careful dropping major coin on specialty albums until you’ve got a turntable that can treat them with the necessary precision and sensitivity they deserve. You’ll notice a lot of the record players here are portable, check here for a more extensive article on portable record players.

For everything else, we’ve got you covered with this list of the best record players under $100.

Top 12: The Best Turntables Under $100

  • 12 – Udreamer
  • 11 – Victrola Suitcase
  • 10 – 1byone
  • 09 – Jensen JTA-222
  • 08 – Musitrend
  • 07 – Crosley CR6019D
  • 06 – Wockoder
  • 05 – Miric
  • 04 – ION Audio Max LP
  • 03 – Pyle PLTTB1
  • 02 – Jensen JTA-230
  • 01 – Audio Technica AT-LP60X

12. Udreamer 


Key Features

  • Ability to connect external speakers via RCA cable.
  • Built-in speakers with Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Turntable base equipped with spring for greater shock absorption.


Starting off, we have the Udream record player. Bottom of our list, this turntable is not really going to blow you away. It is very affordable, however, more often than not in life, you get what you pay for and this cheap record player is no outlier.

It comes Bluetooth ready, with USB functionality and built in stereo speakers, although, you’ll probably want to connect your own speakers if you want optimum sound.

11. Victrola Suitcase


Key Features

  • Popular portable suitcase body style and classic 3-speed turntable.
  • Built-in speakers with Bluetooth capabilities up to 33 feet away from the source device.
  • Standard 3.5mm auxiliary/headphone jack for external accessories.


This turntable takes all the charm of a record player and turns it up a notch or two. It comes from a vintage-friendly brand with a long history in the vinyl world, too, but with a few tweaks that place it squarely in the modern age. Although this model favors form over function, we think it’s a suitable choice if your bottom line is your first concern.

Make sure you take the LP out before shutting the lid on this one, though–like other suitcase-style builds, it saves on weight and space with an offset center for actual play.

10. 1byone


Key Features

  • Three audio options for the discerning listener include: RCA output, AUX In, and its built-in speakers can operate as a Bluetooth receiver for your favorite device.
  • Record vinyl to MP3 to take the sound of your vinyl collection with you wherever you go.
  • Clean build and lines offer a modern, minimalist design.


This model gives you all the standard bells and whistles of present-day turntables and then goes a step beyond. We love the option to record straight to MP3, especially if you want to take your music with you as a soundtrack for the kind of adventures your turntable can’t enjoy.

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While we’re not going to tell you to risk rare pressings on budget models, we will say that sometimes a less expensive live album that never made it to the digital sphere just really sets the mood and you need it in a share-worthy format.

9. Jensen JTA-222


Key Features

  • Doubles down on retro vibes with its old radio design and functional AM/FM stereo receiver.
  • Front-facing speakers mean you can tuck into a shelf without sacrificing sound quality.
  • Includes built-in speakers and an RCA jack.


There’s a lot of old school versatility on the table with this record player. It looks like an old radio and acts like one by offering an actual built-in tuner so you can choose to pick up a station instead of an LP.

We think if you’re just getting started with a vinyl collection, this offers more bang for the buck in terms of maximizing the time you spend using it. There’s no need to wear out your precious few vinyl records when you can listen to local stations between purchases.

8. Musitrend


Key Features

  • Lightweight portability with a style that mixes vintage and modern aesthetics.
  • Mid-century design for the wooden body build with a clear plastic dust cover.
  • Multiple audio output and receiver options and traditional 3-speed capability with vinyl-to-MP3 recording.


As we make our way through the list, there’s bound to be a few turntables that hit our marks so squarely in the middle that there isn’t as much to show off when it comes to their features. There’s nothing horribly wrong about this player, but there’s nothing about what’s right that stands out in a surprising or notable way, either.

It’s a good price, good build, good features. There’s nothing wrong with not being the greatest, and there’s just enough style in this model that somebody’s gonna love it more than we do.

7. Crosley CR6019D


Key Features

  • Sturdy clasps and handle for durable portability and travel.
  • Embraces the vintage feel with a look of leather suitcase styling.
  • Battery-powered option or standard AC adapter available for power sources.


We’re just loving the look of this turntable, but thankfully, the build lives up to the style in a few different ways. It comes with all the usual bells and whistles of a player in this budget range, but it doesn’t try to get too fancy.

The full range speakers pair well with a durable ceramic style cartridge, so it will give you that old school feel without the kind of highly sensitive components that can break easily when you want to close up shop and take it on a ride to the next party.

6. Wockoder


Key Features

  • In-built speaker with wireless connectivity.
  • Belt drive, to reduce unwanted vibration.
  • 3 available speeds and support for 3 record sizes. 


This cheeky player just so happens to be the best seller on Amazon… no mean feat by any standards. We’re not saying this means it’s the best record player out there, but for the budget price range it certainly tells you something.

The built-in speaker is bluetooth ready meaning you can use it to play songs from your phone or tablet or any other bluetooth capable device. With a pretty snazzy and old-school vintage look, this player will be a great addition to any interior (at least it will ours 😉 )

5. Miric


Key Features

  • Front-facing speakers project stereo sound into the room rather than diffused through side speakers.
  • Supports U Disk and SD Card play.
  • Faux leather adds class with consciousness in a distressed, vintage style.


With its boho-chic labeling and styling, this turntable wants you to have as much whimsy as it does wow-factor. At this price point, we’re not telling you that it’s going to knock you off your feet, but you can definitely sit down and get cozy with this one.

Plus, there’s just something special about these suitcase-style record players that makes us want to cart them around everywhere we go and make excuses to grab a few friends and have a listening session. You can put this one center stage and not shy away as it is surely one of the best turntables under $100.

4. ION Audio Max LP


Key Features

  • Uses ceramic cartridges with conical needle style.
  • Converts vinyl to digital files with USB compatibility.
  • Easy-to-use interface suitable for beginners.


Holy Don Draper, Batman–the mid-century cleanliness and light wood body on this build drive us mad, man. Those speakers look small but ought to manage a mighty sound with specs like these. Something else we can appreciate: full enclosure. The offset center for a lot of the budget players on this list looks jaunty and fun, sure.

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It’s a good way to save on space when not in play–but we live in fear of the accidental elbow knocking the dust cover on top of an LP and doing more damage than simply interrupting us getting our groove on. Kudos to ION for thinking of the clumsy ones.

3. Pyle PLTTB1


Key Features

  • Weighted tonearm keeps playback smooth and steady.
  • Fine-tuning pitch control for finding the sweet spot at any speed.
  • Anti-skating function with an additional start/stop switch.


This model takes us to that time in the not-so-distance past when turntables still enjoyed a spot in the limelight even as tapes and CDs were breaking ground in the retail world. A shiny black body and shining details that include strobe-illuminated highlights to find buttons easily in the dark makes it ready for a new wave house party.

This kind of simplistic but modern design would fit with any present-day design aesthetic that wants a sharper, darker look as its main feature.

2 . Jensen JTA-230


Key Features

  • Easily accessible controls for pitch, tone and volume to get perfectly balanced speed and sound.
  • Auto-stop switch and standard inputs for auxiliary and RCA cables.
  • USB port for computer connection that enables recording to MP3.


Don’t let the size of this stereo turntable fool you: it’s not as heavy as it looks. All that room inside of its boxy build houses an assembly of components that offer solid, dynamic playability for audiophiles on a budget.

All those knobs both large and small give you plenty of options for demanding the best sound possible from a device built to withstand even the pickiest of tuning. When we want to capture the fullest sound possible from a vinyl album, we need knobs, glorious knobs.

1. Audio Technica AT-LP60X


Key Features

  • Fully automatic tonearm places itself to start and returns home when done for every album.
  • Magnetic cartridge offers crisp, clean playback with all the standard features.
  • Built-in switchable phono pre-amplifier.
  • Brand and model are known for quality build and technology.


You made it. We made it. Together. Here it is, our very best of the best record player under $100, the Audio Technica AT-LP60X. There’s no need to feel ashamed of this budget-friendly option because this brand makes a fully-featured quality product at every price point in its catalog of players.

Released in 2019 this is the updated model in insanely successful AT-LP60 series. Audio Technica, renowned for creating some of the best audio gear out there have made many tweaks to make this little badboy even better. Yes, it is still a budget entry level turntable but unlike some of the tables lower down the list, it can handle heavier vinyl without one wobble or warble.

Take care of this one, though–sure, it’s lightweight enough for easy travel, but the precise technology that keeps all the components working together so harmoniously should be treated with careful consideration.


If you’re looking for the best turntables under $100, we can help. We have scoured through hundreds of reviews and researched dozens of models to find the top picks that will offer a superior listening experience at an affordable price point. Whether you want something basic or advanced with lots of features like Bluetooth connectivity and built-in speakers, we have got your back! Check out our list before making your final decision on which is right for you.

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